CCAF (Crosschain antifraud) protocol



Crosschain antifraud protocol (CCAFP) is the solution to eliminate fraud activities and illegal behaviours that can be caused by Web3 decentralization

We believe that full decentralization is the main obstacle for governors to adopt crypto technology, and we understand that full decentralization and full crypto adoption may lead to

  • Money laundering.

  • Inability to recover lost or stolen assets.

  • Illegal transactions and payments.

Relying on an organizational protocol will help DEFI users to protect their assets as well as increasing Crypto adoption rate.

How it works

CCAFP is a set of blockchain smart contracts that is used to verify wallets and smart contracts. The main idea about CCAFP is to develop an orgnaizational smart contract that act as public database. Data on CCAFP smart contract is immutable except the address/contract state. We believe that address state must be modifiable to be able to change scam address states if they were verified before.

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