Grading system

Projects grading system runs through 6 main evaluation processes done by our team


Our team evaluate the ability of the idea to compete in the market in order to provide the most profit for our investors. Our team also might offer an additional funding in highly competitive idea and provide the project with the necessary technology.


Our team evaluate the technical experience of the team in order to ensure that the project has the capacity to deliver the promised idea with the promised quality.

Funding (for previously launched projects)

For previously launched projects, our team will ask for previous funding rounds. And how it was spent.

The ability of such idea to generate profit (Feasibility study)

Our team will evaluate the idea capacity to compete in the market and the ability of the project to generate profit in order to ensure about the ability of the project to survive.

Project market capitalization (For previously launched projects)

Project token vesting schedule and allocations

CGS (CCL grading system)

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