Projects verification procedures

CCL Application

  1. Full name of the project founder (Must be same as passport).

  2. Email (Must be a business email eg.CEO@Projectdomian).

  3. Requested address will be assigned automatically after connecting your wallet.

  4. Contract address of project token or the smart contract you wish to verify.

  5. Chain which smart contract has been deployed.

Documents uploading

After applying applicant will get a success message and application id as well as an email to schdule meeting date as well as a link where applicant will upload

  • A scanned copy of applicant passport.

  • Project links (including social platforms links).

  • Project whitepapers.

  • Token vesting schdule (If available).

  • Previous security audits (If available).

Please note: In this step we will evaluate your project by our criteria if the project passed we will get to the third step, If the project did not meet our criteria we will refund the paid amount to the sender's wallet, Check refunds.


Third step is a meeting between between our team and project founder to discuss project technicalities and all informations.

  • Meetings are held on English mainly, We also supports Arabic and we will supports more in the upcoming future (For Arabic meetings please specify on email while doing previous step).

  • Note that our agent may ask to take a screenshot of the meeting or applicant while holding the passport.

  • All meetings are being held on Zoom.

If applicant is having any issue with the previous steps, Contact @mks3lim.


After completing all the steps above project will be graded and listed on CCAFP and CCL scanner (Listings usually takes between 24-48 hours).

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